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1.0.1 | Factions Update

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1.0.1 | Factions Update
  • Added Auction House (1 Slot per account).
  • Switched PVP to 1.8.
  • Mobs now stack even if they are diffrent type (Blue sheep, Red sheep).
  • Stacked mobs are not targeting anymore.
  • Buffed Mob Hopper (Speed).
  • Mob stack limited to 750.
  • Cannot one shot mob stacks anymore (Max kill per once 5).
  • Disabled EXP drop to reduce lag.
  • Removed 1 block from border to let water go to bedrock.
  • Going out of border with ender pearl will kill you.
  • Wither boss wall damage is now disabled.
  • Chorus Fruit is disabled.
  • Book and Quill crafting is disabled.
  • Added sell wands (Obtainable in vote crate).
  • Mob hopper chunk limit changed to 5.
  • Added Lava, Obsidian and Sand instawall bucket.
  • Crop hoppers now support all the crops.
  • Fixed Vote Party.
  • And more!

  • AH Slots per rank.
  • Add items to shop (Food, Cooked food...).
  • Fix Hours played.
  • Shorten commands.
  • Mask Enchanting.
  • And more (Cant spoil everything)!

1.0.0 | Factions Opening

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1.0.0 | Factions Opening

Factions will be released on Wednesday the 1st of January!
Test Factions will be released on Monday the 30th of December!

This Factions season is planned to last 180 days or 6 months. we have a lot of features, game changers and more! Check out the features below:

F-Top Rewards
This season there will be 2 PAYOUTS, one will be paid out at middle of season (March 31st) and the other one will be paid out at the end of the season (July 31st).
  • 1st Place: $400 Giftcard
  • 2nd Place: $200 Giftcard
  • 3rd Place: $150 Giftcard
Total Prize Pool: $1500!
FTOP reward will be send to faction owner.

Factions Information

  • First week raiding will be disabled (Grace period).
  • Sandstackers are disabled.
  • Water will not stop TNT from exploding, but will just reduce damage of it by half (TNT does 1 damage, if its in water it does 0.5).
  • You can get TNT with crafting or buying it in /warp shop (Raid Merchant).
  • Every faction will claim their base with /f claim.
  • Instawalls are bought in /warp shop (Base Merchant).
  • You can buy spawners at /warp spawnershop.
  • Spawner level is based on selling heads.
  • You cannot buy spawner that is higher than your spawner level.
  • Spawner level up (/rankup).
Crop/Mob hoppers:
  • Crop and Mob hoppers are available at /warp shop (Hopper Merchant)-
  • Mob hoppers will teleport selected mob type (from sam chunk) to itself freeze it and kill it (convert mob hopper by using /converthopper).
  • Crop hoppers will pick up cactus that is dropped in chunk.
  • Quests and challanges will help your faction to get to top.
  • KOTH (King of the hill) is an event where players/factions have to capture and hold an area for a 10 minutes. If the player/faction wins they will be granted a prize.
  • Envoys are chests that will spawn in warzone and if you pick it up, you will be granted a prize.
Custom enchants:
  • Custom enchants are obtainable by buying them at /warp soulshop.
  • Souls are obtainable after Spawner level 27 by killing any type of mobs.
  • In the ftop there are included spawners and hoppers.
Mob masks:
  • Mob masks are obtainable at with selling mob heads (I to V)
  • Mob heads can be sold at /warp headhunter, Right-clicking Cauldron or sign (to create sign place it and type sell-heads)
  • Coinflip gives each party 50% chance of winning. (/coinflip)
  • Jackpot gives each ticket same chance of winning, but you can buy more than 1 ticket.
Other information:
  • Auction house is accessed by using /ah.
  • Hoppers are uncraftable.
  • Vote Party needs 50 votes to happen.
  • You can see warps list at /warps.
  • Use /Wild to randomly teleport.

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